Situation = The Software Crisis

In 1968, the term, 'The Software Crisis' was coined at a Nasa engineering convention at Garmisch, Germany.

50 Years later 'Nothing has changed'.

Late Delivery

Over-promising, under-estimating leads to
late delivery.

Over Budget

The industries inability to justify investment.

Poor Quality

Distinct lack of repeatability, no tools used or control of defects.

When I first worked with Andrew it felt like his approach was too simple. Two weeks in and I wondered why everyone else makes life so complex. Highly recommended — pay to use this man’s brain...

Ben Smith COO at Methodical

About Us

We realised projects and programs were failing to deliver value just as what NASA found in 1968. The software crisis still exists.

The Challenge all IT investments face

  • Failure to accelerate delivery
  • Lack of predictability
  • No Repeatability
  • No Economies of scale
  • No Measurement
  • No Tools
  • No Specialization
  • Our journey to realisation

    As an interim CTO working within the private equity space, I realised a capability is made up of:

    • People
      People are complexity. More people does not mean faster. 9 women can't have a baby any faster than one.
    • Process
      There is an inherent lack of maturing processes overall and rarely do we promote the outcome of reflection or learning.
    • Tools
      There are no tools to accelerate delivery.
    • Standards
      There are no standards that are upheld.

    Our Principles & Approach

    The industry deserves better:

  • Better accountability
  • Promoting innovation and industrialisation
  • Treat client money as it's our own
  • Invest in tooling that accelerates growth
  • Refine processes regularly
  • Define and uphold the standards you work to
  • Specialization, Industrialisation then Re-invention
  • The 12X Framework


    By being repeatable, you get standardisation which means you simplify your operations.


    Once you are repeatable, you can find economies of scope and scale and make better decisions.


    All scoring is about measurement, which put
    simply is knowing what
    questions to ask.


    Your portfolios performance becomes important what your
    asking the right


    Technology is all about investment that yeilds a return on investment. Once you are investable everybody loves you.


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    Requirements Academy

    6 Week Course

    • Full Training
    • Weekly Questions & Answer sessions
    • Strategy => Operations
    • Alternatives & Challenges

    Business Architecture


    • Discovery of the patterns
    • Refinement in hypothesis
    • Curation of products & services
    • Maturing of the portfolio


    Premium Product

    • Full Enterprise Solution
    • 30 Day delivery
    • Intense service
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    Never. Ever, ever, ever, ever... ever... ever..., ever... ever..., ever... ever... ever... ever..., Design a system based upon requirements.

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