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When I first worked with Andrew it felt like his approach was too simple. Two weeks in and I wondered why everyone else makes life so complex. Highly recommended — pay to use this man’s brain
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A new Approach to Technology… “Don’t use Developers”

Andrew Bird, President & CEO, Bird & Partners

Former Partners:

Dear Ambitious Entrepreneurs,

In the last 30 years, in my role as one of the world’s leading software architects and CTOs, I’ve seen the EXACT same story inside the operations of COUNTLESS companies and businesses..

  • Cumbersome Processes
  • Buggy and Broken Systems
  • Meaningless Deadlines…
  • Inability to deliver value on time
  • and more importantly, SLOW architecture!

This has profound effects on a business and its operations. It results in BAD management, reduced output, delayed timelines… and toxic company culture!

Needless to say, this ALSO invariably impacts revenue. But the worst part is, NOTHING has changed in 50 years!

I’m Andrew Bird, I started my journey a long time ago in the Software world.

I’ve worked with the bigwigs (Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Accenture, IBM). I’ve built solutions for Big Banks & SaaS giants…

From startup to IPO and everything in between. I’ve been dubbed “World’s-most -sought-after-CTO”.

With that comes a lot of experience, and I’ve seen and identified that the number #1 thing that is slowing MOST companies down…is their software!

Here’s what a typical company’s “Enterprise Solution” looks like:

❌ As the company grows, the SYSTEM starts to fall apart!

❌ Systems are disorganized! Which leads to miscommunication within the team and things just don’t get done on time

❌ Data is DIFFICULT to organize and this affects DATA QUALITY tremendously

❌ Lack of good data quality causes HUGE frustrations

❌ As you scale you care more about capability than functionality and the defects of the capability start to slow you down. This is always because of poor system architectural design, remember wanting functionality not capability?

This is because your old way of working is built into your system. So you need a different approach! 

I’ve seen this scenario way too many times, in countless firms, and I’m “committed” to solving this problem.

Every company wants to GROW.

And with growth comes scalability issues. If you DO NOT have a system that is built upon a robust foundation, then eventually as tasks get more complex, your system WILL breakdown and you can never GROW.

This is where the ability to upgrade becomes very important.

Try communicating this to your Technical Lead or your CTO, and while they will empathize with you… they just DO NOT seem to come-up with a fast solution.

I’ve visited countless IT departments, who are absolutely unable to deliver what the company wants and what the company NEEDS. This leaves business owners frustrated and anxious.

Advanced Communication Systems

Get effortless, fast solutions

Ask yourself this:

Have you found it DIFFICULT to find the right technical person who completely UNDERSTANDS what you need AND can deliver within the set timelines? — I can bet the answer is a resounding YES!

Also ask yourself:

How many times have you thought about engaging the services of an agency, or HAVE engaged the services of an agency in the hopes of FINALLY getting everything streamlined and perfected — Only to have WASTED 6-8 months on absolutely “sub-standard” results! (and TONS of wasted money).

If this is you, if you are currently going through this pain in your business…keep reading. Because if you’ve read this far, I’m CERTAIN of a few things:

✔ You know, that if you had better software YOUR operations would be much more streamlined

You know, if you had better quality DATA, your team would be able to double or even triple your current output

✔ You WISH your current enterprise solution could organize things more efficiently

You probably worry about software SECURITY (leaks, hacks and loss of information…)

✔ You know, if your tech team could just SPEED things up while maintaining world-class, bug-free software… your business would DEFINITELY skyrocket!

You sincerely HOPE to find a Technical Head who completely UNDERSTANDS what your company NEEDS and can CUSTOMIZE that Software, FAST!

We help companies like yours WIN with software.

If you feel like everything in your system is scattered right now, if it doesn’t feel 100% secure and you’re plagued with data problems…

I have a solution for you!

I’ve built a HIGHLY skilled team of “World-Class” Software Architects, and we’ve been trotting around the globe helping performance hungry enterprises get up-to-speed with ADVANCED high-performing Enterprise Software Solutions.


We design systems built to handle the high VOLATILITIES of companies. Your current average software cannot handle volatiles and succumbs to bugs and systems breaking down.

We create POWERFUL, SECURE & ORGANIZED software systems that are designed to GUARANTEE your businesses “Long-Term Success”.

And we deliver at 12X Faster Speeds…

Let that sink in for a moment…because there’s a lot to understand from that one line. 12X

Faster speeds means…
What takes your tech team 6-12 months to build, we build in 30 DAYS FLAT!

High-level software, intricate mechanisms, deep problem solving, COMPLEX auditing, SECURITY, Organized workflows… you name it… 30 DAYS flat!

Some of the big-wigs that we have built software for

Here are some facts:

✔ While other software fails to organize data for performance and leaves companies bleeding, we EFFICIENTLY organize & streamline COMPLEX data helping companies GROW faster.

✔ While most companies operate on unsecured systems, we create layers of INTENSE SECURITY for our clients, that is so advanced that their company information has never been leaked or hacked into.

✔ We casually deliver CUSTOM complex requirements at blazing fast 12X Speeds within 30 days, while other companies spend 8-12 months on basic software delivery.

✔ Our Software has IMPROVED company culture in countless organizations, while other companies still have communication problems because of bad software and bad reporting.

✔ We provide high-level intense AUDITING & Reports while MOST companies have sub-standard software auditing that doesn’t record things accurately.

There are multiple enterprises that have worked with us and scaled up with us who have never needed to ask for a  support call. Zero support calls… that’s Amazon level of optimization that we deliver to our clients.

BUT don’t take my word for it…

Have a look at some of these testimonials for yourself…

We have a large portfolio of clients that we serve globally. 

Here’s what they have to say about us…

Here’s what I want you to do…
Click the Button Below and Book Your FREE Strategy Session Right Now…

✔ I want to get on a call with you and understand your deepest problems that your current enterprise solution is causing you.

✔ From there, I’ll be able to analyze and tell you EXACTLY what you need to do, and HOW to do it.

✔ I’ll be able to quickly dissect the meticulous details of your operations and HOW we can double or triple (if not quadruple) your team’s output & performance with BETTER software.

✔ I’ll also show you EXACTLY what my team and I do to deliver solutions at 12X Faster speeds.

✔ If you really want to make a change and improve your company’s software then click the button below and Book A Strategy Session with me.

Clients & Partners served globally…

After working with me and my team…ALL clients have reported:

✔ Tremendous improvement in team workflow.

✔ Transformation in company culture for the better.

✔ High quality DATA that allowed them to make GREAT company decisions.

✔ High-level SECURITY that doesn’t hinder job function or operations.

✔ Great satisfaction with the SPEED of delivery and high impact on Revenue.

✔ COMPLETELY bug-free systems, making it VERY easy to scale the business fast.

✔ A highly robust and world-class software architecture that NEVER breaks.

✔ Centralized & Standardized ways of working, improving company communication…
internal, external and between departments.

If this is what you desire for your business, if you want to build a LONG-LASTING company that brings “ever-lasting” success…

Then I implore you to take action now! and Book A Strategy Session with me today.

Go ahead, click the button below and apply… and then schedule a time to speak with me on my calendar.

It’s a totally FREE strategy session. So you have absolutely nothing to lose and only everything to gain.

I’ll be talking to you very soon!

Andrew Bird.

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